About Me

About Me

The Brow & Lash Studio is your one stop shop for a no-makeup makeover. Offering the latest innovations in the beauty industry. Wake up with no makeup.

I’m a certified cosmetologist obsessed with keeping up with the latest innovations offered in the beauty industry. As an individual who’s tried a million types of products just to improve my brows, I fully understand the everyday struggle a woman goes through to get her brows to look perfect.

I’ve had many brow mishaps, all of which were embarrassing, like having your brows smudge off on your boyfriends face. Or running for cover when it rains so your brows don’t wash off as the water hits your face. Or trying to keep your brows from sliding off when you’re sweating in 100 degree plus weather. I no longer have to go through any of that and neither should you.


Permanent Makeup Artist


1 & 2 day Private & Group Training for the following techniques: Blade & Shade, Ombré Powder, Microblading Please visit http://thebrowandlashstudio.schedulista.com


With eyebrow microblading, our artists create beautiful, semi-permanent eyebrows, using delicate process of hand

Other Services

Powder Brows, Microshading, Color Corrections, Top & Bottom Eyeliner, Freckles, Beauty Mark, Tattoo Removal.


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