The idea of getting a tattoo on my face, even if semi-permanent, was extremely unnerving. But not having to shape and fill in my brows on a daily basis pushed me toward looking more and more into microblading. After reading endless reviews and battling with the decision to get my brows done the universe answered me in the form of a colleague with AMAZING eyebrows. She recommended Amina and the proof of Amina’s talent was apparent on my colleague’s face. Finally convinced, I made the appointment. Upon meeting Amina my nerves settled a bit; she exuded a calm confidence which assured me of her ability and expertise. The studio was clean and all material was manufacturer sealed. Amina showed me the blade and ink before starting the procedure. Amina also cleaned my brows and numbed the area approximately 15 mins before starting. This made the whole process almost painless (I have pretty average pain tolerance). Also before starting, Amina drew out a precise guide and selected the color based on my specifications and her professional opinion. She answered all my concerns and once I was happy with what I was seeing, we got started. The procedure was split into two back to back segments. The first was done from the guide and the second one was after the initial ink was applied (and wiped off), this was intended to tweek and perfect the shape and fullness. I am still healing and even during this healing process I absolutely love my new eyebrows! They are now twins, not just sisters lol. I highly recommend Amina and hope this review answers some questions.

Karolina Gil

Wow wow wow. I absolutely can not believe how impressed I am. I got my brows microbladed today by the beautiful Amina and I totally look like I got a brow lift. Who would have known that this would take years off my look. I can’t believe how natural it looks. I'm super excited to try new shadow looks that I never had room for. This girl is the bomb. And I highly recommend her. PS did you know she was chosen to train people in microblading by the company that trained her. Um probably cause she’s the best of the best. Thank you for the amazing job

Stacey Kushniruk

So happy! I was one of those girls who, throughout high school, waxed my eyebrows until one day they no longer grew. Since then, I’ve tried and used every brow product out there in an attempt to create natural looking eyebrows. I watched all the YouTube videos and tried all the tutorials; nothing quite cut it. I had heard of microblading but was worried to take the leap since I’d also seen how microblading could go wrong. I was referred to Amina by a friend and was instantly impressed by her work. I could not be happier with the result! She took her time outlining the shape of the brow and really customized it to what I wanted. I would highly recommend Amina to anyone who wants anything done to their brows. She truly has an artistic touch- proven by the fact she can customize the brows to each and every person. Highly recommended!!!!!

Talia Leigh

WOW WOW WOW!! What an amazing experience by Amina here today! I have been doing a TON of research ever since I heard about microblading, a crazy concept since the archaic birth of eyebrow tattooing which I would never ever do. I was one of those kids that didn’t think my parents actually knew it all and plucked my eyebrows until one day they quit and refused to grow. I have almost gone broke buying make-up and brow markers that I just knew I was stuck doing my same draw-in routine every morning. I came across this place and decided to call Amina since the pictures of her clients looked amazing! I went today and had a wonderful pain-free experience. I love her little studio inside Sol Salons. She asked me what I was looking for in eyebrows and drew a sketch. I went back and forth a few times until it was just perfect (she has so much patience). Her information and recommendations were on point. She put some numbing cream on my eyebrows and then did the first round of microblading. One the second round she added more numbing gel where she goes a slight bit deeper then she adds the pigment. The whole process took about 1.5 hours (consultation to end). The actual microblading goes super fast and is not painful at all. Kind of feels like a small course wire mascara brush brushing against the skin. Afterwards my eyebrows kind of felt like I have a moderate little sunbrun on them. I even went straight to work after my morning appointment. It has been about 10 hours and I have had no pain or discomfort. I cant stop texting my friends the pictures and posting them on FB! I go back in for a touch-up (included) in a month then only have to touch-up every 6 months. I would HIGHLY recommend this to everyone. Whether you have thin eyebrows, no eyebrows or just want to add some sexy curves this is so something worth investing in! My eyebrows look so real (like actual real tiny hairs) and fit my face perfect. What a great experience and such a boost of confidence! Than you so much Amina!!- Vee

Veronica Tirado

Who knew it would feel so good to have authentic looking brows? I sure didn’t but am now living the high life. I wake up and I don’t have to worry about looking expressionless. I can believe what a difference it made to my face. Amina is simply the best! I could’ve went anywhere but after looking at other botched brows I was nervous. Real nervous. So I did some looking and knew she was the one. All those pictures and everyone looked awesome! I had a wonderful experience and am so thankful for her awesome work. Don’t miss out y’all.

Joslyn Louise Drawdy

I was extremely nervous about touching my brows. My issue was I didn’t know what a good shape was for my brows & also I’m a blonde so they are very light in color & I had a few bald spots. I had a friend that went to someone else and also paid a higher price then me but there was something about Amina’s work that kept me coming back to her page too look at her work. My friend said this procedure was extremely painful. I had no pain at all. Amina is so kind & genuine and does amazing work. It’s crazy how just a new shape and color can build your confidence. I love them!! I feel so pretty. Thank you Amina… I’ll try and post my photo so everyone can see.

Charissa Casey

Thank you Amina for such a wonderful experience. Not only are you professional and amazing at what you do but you are very patient. You listened to all my concerns and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole experience! I absolutely love love love my eyebrows and cannot wait to see you for my follow up. I live in California and I would def make the trip out again without a hesitation! You truly have found your passion!

Ernestine Crowder

So happy I came here to get my eyebrows done! Amina is extremely talented and professional! She took her time and explained everything! She made me feel very comfortable and I had no worries! The process is tedious but very very little pain! I enjoyed every bit of my session and can’t wait to go back for my touch up appointment!

Jaceilia N. Ajanaku

I am in love with my new look. Amina did an excellent job . She is a perfectionist and can’t imagine going anywhere else. What I appreciate most about Amina is her knowledge and understanding of every face shape, eyebrow shape, brow texture and color. She colored match me perfectly. My mom got her brows done with Amina and my mom is looking on point. I was worried about the pain of microblading. It was totally PAIN FREE!!! I’m so happy I have gorgeous eyebrows . It’s totally worth every penny. Thank you Amina for making me look beautiful. I wake up with perfect brows.

Shania Russell

Amina was amazing!!! I was nervous about getting something done to my face but she put me right at ease and made me feel so comfortable. I did my research prior to getting them done and I’m so glad I chose Amina. She is the best and yo will love the results!.

Caroline McClain

I had been going back and forth on deciding on whether to get the microblading done on my brows. I looked at many other artists but I really liked Amina’s pictures. Also had friends that had theirs done at other studios and they said it hurt which also made me a little hesitant. I booked an appointment with Amina and soooo glad I did! She takes her time on shaping your brows to what you want and matching up the color. She also makes sure your brows are numb so there was no pain for me at all! I didn’t realize she had even started until she asked if I was doing ok. I thought she was combing my brows ! The results are amazing and I get compliments all of the time! If you’re even thinking about getting your brows done I recommend Amina!!! She is the best!!!!

Christina Wolbert

Got my brows microbladed and a lash lift & tint by Amina. I have short thin lashes, but my lashes now look a little darker and curl in a way that I was never able to achieve through using a lash curler. And I love that it’s so low maintenance, unlike extensions and putting on falsies everyday. And my brows look amazing! Amina took time to ask what I wanted and offer her recommendations. I know some people are picky about having their brows a certain way, but I went with her suggestions and am so happy with how my brows turned out so I definitely trust her judgment! Thanks Amina for a great experience! Highly recommend her to everyone!

Julianne Le

I have to sing my praises to Amina! It’s been 20 years since I fell victim to the pencil thin, over-plucked eyebrow fad of the 90's. 20 years of having to draw them in after a shower, waking, swimming, etc. Having to make sure they were even (often they were not). Always being careful not to touch my face and accidentally wipe them off. The struggle was real! I trusted her opinion and I am so pleased with my brows. She is very talented. I took a shower and was so excited about coming out with brows that I sent my friends a photo! Lol. Sounds silly but it really means a lot. I highly recommend Amina.

Tracy Robinson Galvan

I drew in my eyebrows for about 10 years now and it’s the most annoying thing to worry about everyday. I randomly found thebrowandlashstudio and was so hesitant to get my eyebrows done. I’ve never been happier to now wake up in makeup. She was very patient with my requests on how I want my eyebrows done. That is something I find to be so important in any job and I appreciate it so much. I’m loving my eyebrows and I never take the time to write a review if it wasn’t worth it. Love her work and I trust her

Sharon Gabay

Did my research, looked up prices, read reviews…..Amina was the best choice. Not only are her prices great, but her ‘table side’ manners were awesome. She explained the process before hand and during; clean, friendly and courteous. I am extremely happy with my end results so far, I highly recommend her.

Caya OrYaya

This place is wonderful! Professional, clean painless! I love my brows so much! I can’t even begin to explain the difference they made and how fantastic and natural they turned out. 5 stars for sure. Highly recommend!

Lisa Parana

I was a loyal customer of this lady. I went to go do my eyebrows, because her advertisement said it would last up to 18 months, but my eyebrows lasted only 3 months. I had to go back to get them redone. I needed to get my eyelashes done and her service was so unprofessional. The chemicals they used cause me to have an allergic reaction. I contacted the lady and told her that I had gotten an allergic reaction from the eyelash session, and she did not care. She didn’t even refund me my money or give me advice on what to do. This is such a unprofessional business. I would never go back to her. I attached pictures of how bad my eyes were after going to get my eyelashes done with her.

Michell Fortuny

AMAZING, WOW! I am thrilled with my results. I had been penciling in my almost none existent brows for over a decade, never really happy with my look. Now, I have brows that fit my face. Amina is an artist, and a perfectionist. Not only is she beautiful, she has an awesome personality. She takes great care to adjust the shape and color to give you exactly what you are looking for. If you have ever considered getting microblading, you need not look any further, Amina with The Brow & Lash Studio is your answer. I feel so much better about myself!

Angelika Alaimo

I have drawn on my eyebrows for 10 years and you bet I'm super picky about them. I even draw my own eyebrows after getting professional make up. I simply don’t trust other people with them. After reviewing Amina’s work, I was impressed and booked an appt. The day of my appt.,I just came from a 20 hour shift, and the numbing cream worked so well that I actually fell asleep during the whole process! I woke up to beautiful eyebrows and now I am a believer of Amina and microblading. I hope she works till she’s 70..I’m going to keep good back to her!! Thank you for saving me time in the morning.

Justine Suba-Cohen

I came in for an eyelash lift with Amina and didn’t really now what to expect but hoping for the best. I am do happy with the results! My lashes have always been really straight but after leaving I realized how long they are. Amina is also so sweet, she makes you feel at ease talking you through the whole process. Definitely recommended, especially if you want something low maintenance in place of lash extensions.

Tiffany Nanez

Me and my sister got lash lifts with Amina and we’re both ecstatic with the results! Amina was super booked but managed to squeeze us both in. I’m normally uncomfortable with people touching my eyes but Amina had a very calm attitude so I was relaxed throughout the process. Amina is mainly known for doing amazing eyebrows but her lash skills are also amazing! If you’re looking for a lash lift in Vegas Amina will give you great results for a good price.

Megan Reddy

Talk about being talented! Amina knew exactly what I wanted and got it done. I am in love with my new brows and can’t thank her enough. Thanks again Amina you are amazing!!

Diana Gamboa

Amina is incredible! The natural shape of my brows were not doing me any favors, Amina was able to reshape them to suit my facial structure and give me a more youthful appearance! She has a gentle touch so practically painless. A true artist with an eye for symmetry! Call Amina now you won’t be disappointed!

Krystal Sherry

Amina is awesome! She did a wonderful job with my brows, I can’t wait for my touch up. I’m excited for other beauty procedure she has to offer. I will definitely refer her to friends and family.
Thanks again Amina!

Jennifer Domdom

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